Founded 70 years ago, IMARIBO S/A is a lumber industry directed toward the production and processing of Elliotis/Taeda pine wood.

With the continuous efforts for the verticalization of an activity, starting from the production of the sawn lumber to the processed wood, IMARIBO specialized in the production and sales of wood for pallets, furniture, boxes and packaging manufacturing, projected to the Brazilian and the international markets.

We have self-sufficiency in raw materials. With an appropriate reforestation of 43.000 hectares, we also practice forestry sustainability to attend not just our present needs, but also in the future.

IMARIBO is proud to be one the largest pine lumber producer and manufacturer, satisfying our customers’ needs with a high standard service and offering guarantee of delivery on time with quality.
Head Office – Administration and Sales - Alameda Santa Mônica, 01 - São José dos Pinhais – PR - 83030-550 – Brazil
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